Don’t want to spend a lot of time to manage your firewall but want to have some basic network firewall on your machine? I have the answer!

Firewall Rules List

1. Powerful Permission Popups

When an application that does…

Designing the architecture that can stand the test of time

Angular + Firebase = AngularFire

Your security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. Encrypt your disks.

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54. Keep it Stupid Simple (KISS)

The smartest solution to the problem is not the best one, neither is the most optimized one nor the…

Chapter 7. While You Are Coding

37. Listen to Your Lizard Brain

If you have a hunch about something, heed it. We keep on forgetting our lessons, but our subconscious brain remembers the patterns and communicates them as instincts. If the inner voice is not clear enough, distract yourself for a while or explain the problem to someone.

Chapter 4. Pragmatic Paranoia

23. Design by Contract

Trust between software can be maintained by contracts. In design by contract, if all the preconditions are met, a routine must guarantee that the post conditions would be met. Designing a program that does no or less than what it claims to do is the heart of design by contract.

Chapter 1. A Pragmatic Philosophy

1. It’s Your Life

Take proactive control of your…

General usage of openwisp-controller, GIF created and added to documentation during GSoC 2020

Aim of the Project

The primary aim of the work done…


Stoic. Existentialist. Optimistically Nihilist. Snowdenist. Friendly. Confident. Perfectionist. Creative. Playful. Programmer. Philosopher.

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